Acupuncture to Quit Smoking: Is It Effective?

Acupuncture to Quit SmokingAcupuncture to quit smoking is once again a popular method to help smokers quit. Although not a panacea, it has no psychological or physical side-effects that are dangerous to your health.  For those who want to know how to quit smoking naturally, acupuncture is a tremendous assist.  Since there is no nicotine or drugs involved, using acupuncture in combination with other methods is less likely to cause undesirable results.

Before the patch, gum, pill and shot, acupuncture to quit smoking was a very effective method used by thousands.  To find an acupuncture specialist, search online in your local area and check with others connected by social media to see if non-reported issues about that specialist exist.  Acupuncture is only going to help you feel less homicidal during the process.

Acupuncture to Quit Smoking – Plus Other Ways

Because acupuncture distributes no drugs to your system, you could potentially combine it with the stop smoking shot and the quit smoking pills. Acupuncture is considered an unconventional method to help smokers. Yet, some courts are mandating that it be used in prisons to help other addictions. Since it relieves anxiety, it may be an excellent way to reduce some of the symptoms seen in the pill and shot. Discuss this possibility with your doctor.

Using acupuncture to quit smoking in combination with nicotine patches or gum is just the boost that millions of smokers need to refuse to pick up that cigarette. Most smokers that want to quit try three, four or more times before they are successful. When the best quit smoking products do not work, they reach for the ways of their grandparents.

Acupuncture to Quit Smoking – One of Many Ways to Quit

The ways to quit smoking cigarettes are more than one discussion is able to address. Besides medications, patches, and gum, there are natural herbs that promise effective results. A lot of these are effective for many people. Whether they will be effective for you is unknown until you try. Acupuncture to quit smoking is an alternative that is worth consideration.

Other methods not mentioned include going “cold turkey”.  If you find that you are experiencing greater agitation, quicker to anger, and feel forgetful, try using acupuncture to enhance your ability to succeed. These are symptoms of high levels of nicotine in your system. Nicotine does not relieve anxiety or reduce anger on its own. But, an addicted body demands that its addiction be fed. Forgetfulness is one of the side-effects smokers experience when quitting. Acupuncture helps relieve this issue.

Those who have been successful with acupuncture to quit smoking have reported that the long-term benefits were the best. A study at the University of Oslo in Norway reported that people using acupuncture lacked the desire to smoke for up to five years later. The recidivism rates of other methods are difficult to find. Certainly, this is a concern for those attempting to quit.

 Acupuncture to Quit Smoking – Is it Effective?

For those smokers who want to quit and are willing to undergo some of the uncomfortable effects of refusing their body nicotine, acupuncture has been very effective. More than any other method, acupuncture has proven the safest.  Acupuncture is the singular treatment that can be used with any other method or medication on the market. Knowing what acupuncture to quit smoking can and cannot do is a step forward to effectively using it.

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Acupuncture to Quit Smoking: Is It Effective?