Best Portable Vaporizer: The Contenders

Best Portable VaporizerAs you consider switching to a nicotine vaporizer or using it to quit smoking entirely, a critical step is choosing the best portable vaporizer for your individual needs.  Vaporizers are available in a variety of designs and price ranges, with both nicotine and non-nicotine filling options, which can combine to enable you to taper your intake of nicotine as you work toward quitting entirely

Resources to Help You Choose the Best Portable Vaporizer

Making a choice of the best portable vaporizer for your own purposes depends on your own individual requirements, and how and where you plan to use it.  Browsing through the variety of selections on different websites, for example, will give you a good feel for what the available options are—ranging from price to design to power sources—and the benefits of each.

With interchangeable vapor cartridges for different flavors, and accessories like vaporizer cases, injector machines that allow you to “refill” without buying disposable cartridges, and even quit-smoking care-kits, battery re-chargers, and even a book-format guide to vaporizers, these online portals provide the widest selection of the vaporizers, as well as related products. You can purchase at the portal itself, just like your local smoke shop or pharmacy, or a box store like Walmart or Target.

Other destinations for vaporizer purchases include stores devoted specifically to the vaporizer and its accessories. These sites offer many other options, including accessories such as starter kits, spice grinders, and a variety of travel accessories and chargers. Among other things, you can reviews and comparisons, as well as blog posts on “vaping” culture and vaporizer news.

How the best portable vaporizer Can Help You Quit Smoking

If your attachment to the habit includes an enjoyment of the physical act of smoking as well as the physiological addiction to nicotine, the benefits of some of the hand-held vaporizer models, such as the Click’n’Smoke Vaporizer include the fact that the use simulates the smoking act itself.  It’s challenging enough to deal with withdrawal from nicotine, without also losing the physical habit which so many smokers have enjoyed, including its social aspects for those who enjoy sharing a smoke with friends or co-workers, and the friendly chat that often goes along with a smoke-break.  If you don’t feel deprived of those elements of smoking, you might have an easier time kicking the nicotine-aspect of the habit.

Assuming you want to learn how to use a vaporizer to quit smoking, the key is in a gradually tapering your use of nicotine by means of the vaporizer.  The vaporizer already eliminates the polluting smoke and toxic chemicals delivered by cigarettes, and you can use it with nicotine to help your transition to a completely smoke-free and nicotine-free lifestyle. Having purchased the best portable vaporizer, you can start using it with nicotine cartridges as well as non-nicotine cartridges.  The ultimate goal is to taper the use of the nicotine itself, gradually decreasing until you’re entirely free of it.  Set yourself a schedule for tapering, and stick to that schedule, not exceeding the amount of nicotine you’ve set for any given day.  When you feel an urge to smoke, you can enjoy additional nicotine-free puffs with the smokeless handheld vaporizer, so you won’t feel entirely deprived of the habit.  Soothing that urge can make it that much easier to resist the temptation to pick up your old cigarettes.

With its portability, multiple charging options, flexibility of usage in places where cigarettes aren’t allowed, and the non-nicotine options and tapering capabilities, the best portable vaporizer will be a life-altering purchase for you.

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Best Portable Vaporizer: The Contenders