Where to Buy Electronic Cigarettes Over the Counter

Where to Buy Electronic CigarettesWith the growing popularity of alternative methods to quit smoking, many people want to know where to buy electronic cigarettes over the counter.  One thing you can be certain of is that any product that is selling well on the internet will soon find its way to your local retailers. E-cigarettes are no exception to that rule.

Today, many quick stop stores are featuring sales encouraging you to buy electronic cigarettes. Another popular place to purchase them is in the big box stores, book stores and even coffee shops. Knowing where to buy electronic cigarettes over the counter can save you the trouble of waiting for a delivery as you are about to use the last cartridge in your stash.

If you buy smoking substitutes online, Amazon electronic cigarette discounts are a good choice even with the low delivery costs than most over the counter retail outlets. They are offering battery chargers and cases.

At the counters where the electronic cigarettes are displayed, one of the most prominent words on their sign embraces the electronic cigarette safety factor.  Manufacturers tout their personal research done in the plants regarding their safety findings.  Still, the FDA and the corresponding agencies in the U.K. are doubtful.  There is no evidence that there is any difference in quality no matter where to buy electronic cigarettes.

Where to Buy Electronic Cigarettes – Tips for Successfully Quitting

Using an electronic cigarette as a way to help you through the torment of quitting can be done with a few tricks that will keep you heading in the right direction.  Before locating where to buy electronic cigarettes, try these methods to avoid smoking any form at all.

  • Delay smoking, even an e-cigarette, when you first feel the craving for at least 10 minutes.
  •  Avoid trigger situations – locations and reasons you usually smoke.
  • Every other time you have a craving, walk around the block or do jumping jacks. Exercise helps relieve cravings by releasing endorphins to your brain.
  • Find two relaxation techniques that work for you and replace desires with these at least twice a day. Cigarette smokers are notorious for their inability to relax.
  • Tell yourself why you decided to quit and say it out loud. If appropriate, yell it out loud. Your mind needs the positive reinforcements wherever they come from including your own voice.
  • Chew gum; eat celery sticks stuffed with peanut butter or drink water through a straw. The peanut butter is full of protein, which is often depleted by nicotine ingestion.
  • Now run to the nearest retail store where to buy electronic cigarettes.
  • After all these activities have been tried each and every time you have a craving, then smoke half of what you normally would in an electronic cigarette.

 Where to Buy Electronic Cigarettes – Getting Healthy

Regardless of where to buy electronic cigarettes, getting healthy is the ultimate goal of every smoker. Most smokers would love to taste the full flavor of food over the full flavor of tobacco. Long-time smokers know how cigarettes affect their breathing and how important it is to clear their lungs of the built up tars and nicotine.

Staying healthy can be accomplished with the electronic cigarette as a crutch.  But do electronic cigarettes work?  Using the tips above can ensure that your electronic cigarette does work.  Most addicted smokers substitute food for cigarettes during the quitting process.  Choose foods that are high in manganese, selenium, zinc and vitamin E.  All of these vitamins are depleted by smoking and help prevent disease and increase your immune system in different ways.

Other than cost, the choice of where to buy electronic cigarettes is less important than buying them if they help you quit.

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Where to Buy Electronic Cigarettes Over the Counter